About ME

Hi, we're ME CRAFTS

The M stands for Matt and the E stands for Erin - ME CRAFTS

Matt is native to the Bay Area and went to school for graphic design. Erin is a Canadian who was teaching abroad for 8 years. After one year of a long distance relationship, Erin moved to the Bay Area to be with Matt in 2020 - the year everyone delved into new hobbies! Matt says Erin brought out the creativity in him again when she decided they would learn how to make Christmas gifts for his family!

Long story short, these two started off as a whirlwind romance but upon discovering a common passion for creating, their bond has deepened and now have a dream of owning a successful business together as partners.
So come on and follow in their journey as a couple of 30ish year olds figure out this new entrepreneurial path they've chosen to brave!

Remember, life is too short to not go after what you want!


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